Volker Mehl | Cook, Wuppertal


Bringing learnings from Ayurveda to the CSCP 10 year anniversary Unconference, Volker shares insights about sufficiency and elements that make up for a sustainable lifestyle.

Fridolin Ständer | Cook and owner of Zaunkönig, Wuppertal

For Fridolin Ständer, Wuppertaler cook and owner of the restaurant Zaunkönig, it is so natural to give life to different principles of sustainability in his kitchen, that it almost feels unnecessary to explain it. It is simply so and could not be otherwise. Which does not mean that it is something simple. An act of creation, as he says, cooking is not only about preparing something tasty. It is a bit more complicated than that. Creativity, childhood memories, carefully selected products and hard work are some of the ingredients that Fridolin puts in the pan. Our partner for the CSCP 10 year celebration, Fridolin fascinates us with his simplicity and passion for cooking.