I’m interested in attending the CSCP Unconference 2016*

The Unconference is currently by invitation only. But if you are interested in joining please fill out the waiting list form below and let us know if you would join the entire event or only specific segments.

There are 3 segments of the Unconference in different parts of Wuppertal:

  • 1. Welcome (11:30am - 14:00): Keynote, Expert panel, lunch and networking. Details
  • 2. Workstudios (14:30pm - 17:00): Let's work (it) out. Details
  • 3. Evening (17:30pm - 21:00): Taste the Jeans. Details

For details on locations, transportation and more please go to our interactive map

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In addition, if you are missing an interesting topic that connects to the Unconference and is of wider interest, please use the description field below to let us know!

CSCP Projects, News and upcoming Events

*The Unconference is a free event by invitation only. We carefully planned every segment of the event including specialty foods. Given the limited number of places available, confirmed registrations cancelled after May 22, 2016 will incur a no-show fee of 100 Euros. Registration is considered an acceptance of these terms. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you on the big day.